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on the basis of this video- answer the question-a) Describe Gretchen’s symptoms. In 4-5 lines
How can I write an eager load query on ruby on rails that eager loads nested associations. Ex: User -> Booking -> Rate -> Taxes
100% ```ruby class User < ApplicationRecord has_many :bookings, dependent: :destroy has_many :rates, through: :bookings end class Booking < ApplicationRecord belongs_to :user belongs_to :rate end class Rate < ApplicationRecord belongs_to :booking belongs_to :tax end class Tax < ApplicationRecord has_many :rates end ```
How should one respond if they do not want to have children and their spouse does?
1024 > A man is in a relationship with his girlfriend for two years. He wants to get married, but she doesn't feel ready yet. She says that she needs more time to think about it. The man feels frustrated because he thinks the longer they wait, the harder it will be for them to make a decision. What advice can you give him on how to handle this situation?